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  • The Pennsylvania Department of Education rolled out a new data tool “the School Performance Profile” on Friday, October 4, 2013. The Performance Profile is assessable to school districts, parents, guardians, businesses, community members and the School Board.

    The PA School Performance Profile serves several purposes:

    ·        Provide a building level score for teachers, as part of the Educator Effectiveness System

    ·        Provide parents with comparative measures for the school/district of residence, neighboring schools /districts and schools/districts across the state

    ·        Inform the public of the academic performance measures of each school, comprehensive career and technical center, cyber charter and charter school in Pennsylvania

    ·        Offer a resource for LEAs to communicate and compare performance, analyze performance indicators as related to achievement, and encourage best practice

    § Communicate performance to various constituencies

    § Employ as an analysis tool to inform goal setting, planning, and allocating resources to improve student achievement

    § Compare performance to local schools

    § Compare performance to schools with similar demographics

    § Encourage implementation of best practices

    It is the focus of the Valley View School District to ensure all stakeholders are fully informed in regard to our academic achievement as assessed through the new Performance Profile. 

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    2014-2015 SCHOOL YEAR

    This is a reminder to parents with a child or children attending school in our School District
    that we do not carry medical insurance on students, but do provide parents with the
    opportunity to select a primary excess group insurance plan for students. Student accident
    insurance can help you eliminate the possibility of out-of-pocket expenses, since many group
    insurance policies no longer pay full hospital and medical expenses and may require a
    deductible or co-insurance. 

    Please see the attached Brochure for a complete description of the plans and the various coverage options.

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